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Category Types

  • The exact same creative execution cannot be entered into more than one Single Category.

  • The principle behind this is that the Loeries will only award the same creative idea once.

  • Example: Creative work entered into the Print Magazine category, cannot be re-entered into the Design Poster category if it is essentially the same entry.
  1. Creative work that has been entered into other categories may be re-entered here.

  2. Example 1: A Tactical Use of Newspaper entry can be re-entered into Media Innovation.

  3. Example 2: A Mobile Media entry can be re-entered into Digital Crafts.


  • Elements must be submitted individually.

  • Example: 3 x Posters in a campaign cannot be submitted as one entry but must entered as 3 x individual entries.

  • If in the opinion of the jury, several pieces constitute a campaign, then these entries will be combined into one campaign award.
  1. A minimum of three different media types are required from within the same main category.

  2. Example: Design – Logo, Package Design, Design for Digital
  1. Two or more elements of the same media type can be entered.

  2. Example: A Branded Content Video Campaign comprising three episodes in a series.
  1. Work entered in Type A categories can be re-entered here to form a campaign, with a minimum of three different media types

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