Vodacom: Shared Value category

As an organisation that is committed to connecting people for a better future, Vodacom
is proud to support platforms that promote a similar purpose. Vodacom’s partnership
with the Loeries, via the sponsorship of the Shared Value category speaks to this
The Loeries defines the concept of Shared Value as a platform that recognises
companies that deliver value to their shareholders, while positively impacting the society
and communities in which they do business.
As a company that transforms lives through technology, Vodacom’s strategy is
underpinned by people - those we touch directly and indirectly through our products,
services, social responsibility initiatives, campaigns and many other touch points.
One such example is the Vodacom Mum & Baby Service, a mobile-based service that
provides customers with FREE step-by-step advice on pregnancy, neonatal and
childcare through SMS, educational articles, tutorials, videos and other tools hosted on
the service.
Launched in 2017, Mum & Baby has been used by over 1.4 million mothers and
caregivers and showcases the enormous impact of technology as an enabler to
improving people’s lives. While this service connects mothers and caregivers to crucial
information, it remains commercially viable for Vodacom.
Over the past five years, Vodacom Foundation spent over R350 million to improve
education in South Africa to help bridge the digital divide in making learning exciting
using technology. Four years ago, Vodacom launched Vodacom e-school. E-school has
been a great success with over 670 000 registered learners nationally.
Vodacom is excited to be partnering with the Loeries through this Shared Value
category that applauds the creative work that brings brand purpose to life.
“Our focus on being a purpose-led organisation requires hard work and dedication and
the right partnerships are equally important, which is why we are proud to sponsor this
category in conjunction with the Loeries.” says Abey Mokgwatsane Managing Executive
Brand and Comms at Vodacom.

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