Woolworths Student Portfolio Boot Camp

The Student Portfolio Day has been running since 2009 and in 2020 the Woolworths Student Portfolio Day went online. 75 top students from 12 institutions were chosen to take part on the month long mentorship. 5 mentors from the industry each took on 15 students and met with the students to assist them in becoming pitch perfect and portfolio ready to enter the job market.

Since 2020 the Student Portfolio Bootcamp has been an online mentorship, lasting for a month with 75 students. 5 mentors take on the task of getting the students pitch perfect and portfolio ready.

Woolworths student portfolio day

The 2019, the Woolworths student portfolio day gave 50+ students an unparalleled opportunity to engage with industry leaders and access great employment opportunities. It proved to be extremely successful as agencies pro-actively hired students from this event. 

2019 was the 10th year of the Student Portfolio Day, with 54 students participating from 12 institutions across South Africa (in 2017, 50 students and 13 institutions participated).

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