Looking to study in the creative field?

There are many institutions that help develop and nurture creative talent among aspiring learners, while opening a world of possibilities within the creative industry.

The following schools featured as the top 10 institutions in the Loeries 2020 Official Rankings. Click on the links below to visit the institution’s website.

AAA School of Advertising 

Creative Academy of Cape Town


Nelson Mandela University

North-West University

The Red And Yellow Creative School of Business

Stellenbosch Academy of Design and Photography

The Open Window 

University of Johannesburg

University of Pretoria

The Loeries boasts a number of creative development initiatives. Click through below to learn more about each initiative.

The Young Creatives Award is awarded to talented individuals at the beginning of their careers (27 years old or younger).

The Creative Future Scholarship is awarded to grade 12 learners from disadvantaged backgrounds, providing them with the opportunity to study at a prestigious creative university.

The Loeries Travelling Exhibition is a travelling showcase of the most recent award-winning work from our region, with the aim of inspiring viewers within the creative field.