The Loeries

It’s more than an award. It’s about doing something. Something big. Something you believe in. Something that makes a real difference. Challenging the world. Changing it – from bitter to better, less trending and more mending. Flipping the likes and fixing the dislikes. It’s about making work that doesn’t count views, it changes them.

For over 40 years, the Loeries has been fostering creativity by recognising the industry, the brands and the people who fight to keep great ideas alive. This year, we celebrate those who wage war for Gold.

Not for the applause, the encore or the adornment. You do it for more. More ways to change the world, more ideas that make a real difference, more revolutions that matter, more than ever before. Whether you’re the reason or the player of the brainstorm, if you march for change and stand for a new view, if you uphold creativity above all the mayhem, you #FightTheGoodFight

All the Loeries 2020 winners can be found here

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