JCDecaux (formerly Continental Outdoor Media), as the official sponsor of the Outdoor category and the Official Supplier of Out of Home Media to the Loeries, is proud to be involved with the Loeries to celebrate creativity and excellence in advertising and show its support for upholding world-class levels of creativity in the advertising industry in South Africa and Africa.

JCDecaux celebrates creativity, and continually strives to create the most up to date and innovative out-of-home (OOH) and digital (DOOH) platforms for advertising professionals to display their creative works so that they receive maximum reach and impact in the appropriate environments. 

It has a creative department, Innovate, that works in collaboration with media and advertising agencies to ensure that the creative concept and message is optimised for the specific OOH platform and target market.  Both Digital and static OOH screens and billboards are able to begin and facilitate the conversations that brands have with consumers, and the more creative and impactful the more likely to be successful.

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