Loeries Creative 2020 Programme

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Monday 16th November:

We kick off day one with keynotes including; celebrated Jury Presidents Katherina Tudball (Design) and Alan Kelly (Digital), as well as Rani Bisal (Head of IT Strategy at DStv) and Jess Weiner -cultural expert live from the US.

Jess will take us on her personal journey with Mattel in The Business of Belonging: How Inclusivity Evolved the World’s Most Famous Doll.

On track two we’ll join in on meaningful conversations around regional representation in photography with Nigerian photographer Yeteunde Ayeni-Babaeko and Getty Images’ Global Head of Creative Insights, Dr Rebecca Swift. We’ll also unpack perspectives from East and West Africa with Lanre Adisa from Noah’s Ark in Lagos.

From 4 PM SAST we will award the following categories:

Out of Home
Out of Home Crafts
Print Communication
Print Crafts
Shared Value
Effective Creativity
Service Design

Tuesday 17th November:

Tuesday’s sessions start with an interactive workshop with Instagram. Discover new products, features and learn how to create the greatest Reel. Meet iconic influencers from across the region and learn about the future of commerce on IG.

Loeries Presents keynotes start from 1 PM SAST with Dr Rebecca Swift (Global Head of Creative Insights at Getty), Angolan visual artist Januario Jano, Jury President Till Hohmann (Film Crafts) and successful YouTube prankster and social activist Niko Omilana.

From 4 PM SAST we will award the following categories:

Student Instagram Challenge
Digital Communication
Digital Crafts
Integrated Campaign
Media Innovation
Young Creatives

Wednesday 18th November:

Wednesday’s workshop is The Creative Colab where participants will work with industry leaders to create innovative merchandise for the Constitution Hill gift shop. Winning designs will be taken into production and sold online and in-store - with proceeds going to the creators.

From 1 PM SAST Iain Thomas, the world's most popular poet, woos us with his keynote. Head of Global Business Marketing at Instagram, Grace Kau delivers behind the scenes insights and celebrated CCO at Spotify, Oriel Davis-Lyons, discusses his portfolio school for black creatives.

Female and in advertising? Join Open Chair for two working sessions.

From 4 PM SAST we will award the following categories:

Radio and Audio
Radio Crafts
The Public Service Award

Thursday 19th November:

The morning workshop unveils incredible new tech from OOH category sponsors Tractor Outdoor. In this session, participants will design live on electronic billboards across the country — and the winning participant will get free OOH flighting for a one month campaign for an NGO.

From 10 am SAST, typographer Liron Lavi Turkenich demonstrates the incredible power of design to build bridges with the story of her font Aravrit which allows the user to communicate in Arabic and Hebrew simultaneously. Facebook’s Aviv Weil takes us Beyond Bias and the innovative creative team of Nicholas Hulley and Nadia Lossgott take us through their incredible portfolio.

In the Conversation track, Gareth Steele, Judith Okonkwo, Ingrid Kopp and Brian Afande demonstrate their fantastic work with Virtual Reality.

From 4 PM SAST we will award the following categories:

Design Crafts
PR and Media Communication
Live Communication
Marketing Leadership

Friday 20th November:

We wrap up with an interactive poetry workshop with Iain Thomas at 11 am SAST, followed by keynotes from Switzerland’s number one creative and heavy metal drummer – Dennis Lueck, India’s Swati Battacharia and our Hall of Fame presentation.

From 4 PM SAST we will award the following categories:

Film Crafts
Grand Prix
Agency of the Year Award
Regional Agency Group of the Year