Jury President

Nicholas Hulley
Executive Creative Directors of AMV BBDO

Nick has created genre-bending, culture-shaping work that has won multiple
Cannes Grand Prix’s and Titaniums. They’re also the proud owners of a D&AD Black Pencil and have work displayed in the permanent collections of the British Museum and the Design Museum. They are the team behind #Bloodnormal, for Bodyform/Libresse. The global campaign broke down decades of toxic shame, made normality revolutionary and became the first ad to show period blood nstead of blue liquid.

They Creative Directed The Trash Isles in partnership with LadBible and the Plastic Oceans Foundation. Rather than making an ad, they helped make a country out of the pacific garbage patch. With so many “citizens” signing up it quickly had a population almost the size of Iceland (with Dame Judy Dench appointing herself Queen).

From writing the influential Guinness Sapeurs film and documentary they now run the account
globally, where they recently rebranded boring old tap water into a sexy new product, “Guinness". Clear” for the brand’s responsible drinking initiative. 

Whether they’re part of the team turning worthless Zimbabwean dollars into billboards, helping create a new country out of ocean rubbish, having a Met Police podcast reach no. 2 on the iTunes charts, writing documentaries about Congolese dandies, or defying broadcasters to help make periods normal, N&N strive to make visually striking work that has meaning, breaks the mould andhas cultural impact.

Galaletsang Kgoathe
Creative Director, The Odd Number

Galaletsang Kgoathe is a Creative Director at The Odd Number. It was his love for telling stories that led him to a career in advertising as he believes that they have the power to entertain and inspire people. Galaletsang is a multi-award winning creative. He hopes he can cultivate a career in the advertising industry that will inspire other young people to try their hand at advertising, as well as encourage them to follow their dreams and passions..