Nando’s fires up the Design Category

The Loeries Design Category is now open to all design disciplines, including furniture, lighting, fabric, industrial, interior, graphic design and architecture. Enter here.

Nando’s loves great design almost as much as we love PERi-PERi chicken, so it’s no surprise that we’ve fired-up the Design Category as a partner for the Loeries 2019.  Our love for design is seen in all our restaurants, across the world, which is adorned with beautiful designs, each unique to the restaurant, proudly boasting the talents of Southern African designers making the experience of being in our restaurants anywhere in the world, a true celebration of our Southern African aesthetic.

The Loeries Design Category recognises brands and individuals that have crafted inspiring award-winning designs in their respective areas. We’re proud to be firing up this category and seeing the amazing work that unearths from undoubtedly talented designers.

For more on our commitment to Design & Art – please visit our site and read our story.