KwaZulu-Natal… an Exceptional Touch of Paradise

A land with awe-inspiring natural beauty, where  safari  means  eco-savvy  and  where ‘less than two hours’ is the magic phrase in travel time. A province where you could climb a mountain for breakfast, go on safari at lunch, surf a wave for light supper, closing with a night on the town for dessert.

A favoured destination for the discerning traveller, spanning two World Heritage Sites - the uKhahlamba Drakensberg Mountain Range inland and the iSimangaliso Wetland Park towards the North Coast of KwaZulu- Natal, with an amazing coastline and beach shoreline  teasing  to  the  wondrous  South  Coast. When considering that all these places are under just two hours travel-time from the airport and CBD, you know that your downtime will always be exceptionally spent in the Zulu Kingdom.

If it’s fun in the sun you want, then our Zulu Kingdom is always the answer. A land so steeped in heritage, a place where natural phenomena set this land alight like mystical happenings only spoken  of  in  tales  of  wonderment.  It is a land where colourful cultures collide in harmony, in a symphony of taste and colour, unbeknown to anyone who has not visited before, rumpeting a legacy of Zulu royalty unravelling back to the time of the great King Shaka and beyond… Feel the  warm  embrace  of  our  Zulu Kingdom. It’s more than just the all-year- round warm weather; it’s a climate of sunny smiles, people singing warm welcomes to exceptional times. Winter perfect with sunshiny days that make for welcome family-orientated seaside getaways or party weekends on the beach al fresco, it’s where Monte Carlo meets Miami and just fun in the sun.

And this is by no means your traditional kingdom of old. This is a kingdom where world-class infrastructure meets global connectivity; the continent’s trade gateway, home to  two  of  Africa’s  premier  ports, Durban – the busiest in Africa, and Richards Bay – the deepest in Africa, as well as being host  to  Africa’s  first  purpose-built  Airport City, the Dube Tradeport. It is where a feeling for business is matched by your feeling for things world-class. We work hard  and  play  harder.  Where else could you hold Africa’s biggest horse racing event, one of the World’s most challenging Marathons and have a whole range of events, experiences,  destinations  and  attractions all within a 2 hour drive of Durban’s CBD. Anything but conventional.

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…Zulu Kingdom. Exceptional


The KwaZulu-Natal Film Commission

The Vision of the KwaZulu-Natal Film Commission is to position KwaZulu-Natal as a globally competitive, diverse and sustainable industry and choice film destination.

Established in accordance with a provincial law first passed in 2010, the KwaZulu-Natal Film Commission is all set to begin fulfilling its mandate to make the province a film production centre.

The strategic programmes that the film commission embarks upon are:

  • Interventions in the area of Human Capital include the following:

- Internship programmes for film school graduates, both within institutions and the industry in the province as a whole.  

- Women and Youth incubation programmes which aim to encourage more female and youth entrants into the industry and create an environment where skills and expertise in the industry can be nurtured.

- Bursary programme for students to study film and begin to develop a career in the film industry.

  • A Small Medium and Micro Enterprises (SMME) development programme through the incubation of emerging film companies. This programme will nurture and strengthen SMME companies, with the aim of transforming them into film companies that will create jobs and contribute towards the growth of the economy.

  • Familiarisation tours bring film producers and film companies from around the world and provides them with the opportunity to explore the provinces locations and facilities with the intention of promoting the province as a location for film.

  • A film fund that provides support to film projects and programmes throughout the value chain. The fund’s main aim is to assist in the development of quality local film content that will grow the audiences for film in the country and see proudly KwaZulu-Natal film content distributed along multiple platforms nationally and internationally.

Provincial Incentives for Film in KwaZulu – Natal

1. The KwaZulu-Natal Film Commission provides advice and guidance on filming in the province. There are currently 3 film offices in the province, namely: The Durban Film Office, Zulu Coast Film Office and The South Coast Tourism Office. The film commission facilitates introductions of projects being shot in these areas.  Over and above this, the commission will facilitate and provide guidance for projects being shot throughout the province where there is no film office and acts as the go between for all dealings with municipalities where a production is planned.

2. The KwaZulu-Natal Film Commission will be a one stop shop for all film related queries including locations support. The commission has begun building a database of locations and will be able to source locations for films in the province and support sight inspections.

3. The KwaZulu-Natal Film Commission will be an access point for funding, including support to access national incentives.  For projects shooting in the province, the commission will provide support in accessing funds through the various funding instruments in the country.

4. The KwaZulu-Natal Film Commission has developed incentives through partnerships and MOU’s for reduced cost drivers such as accommodation, air and land transport.

5. The KwaZulu-Natal Film Commission has a film fund for project funding films to be shot in the province.

6. The KwaZulu-Natal Film Commission will host film delegations and conduct familiarisation tours to showcase the province in partnership with film offices and provincial public entities within the Portfolio of Economic Development and Tourism and Environmental Affairs.

Our kingdom is your stage.