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Book your tickets to Loeries Creative Week and join us at the Loeries MasterClasses. We are hosting eight MasterClasses, where you will learn from the world’s best brand communicators in the industry.

Loeries MasterClasses begin on Thursday, 22 August. Four sessions will be held in the morning and four more in the afternoon. All sessions will take place at the International Convention Centre, Durban, South Africa.

MasterClasses include:
Brand South Africa – Telling better South African stories
Vodacom – Our Shared Value
Un-Women – Advertising Leading Society

More topics and speakers to be announced.

South African companies attending the MasterClasses are able to include their spend in their BEE Scorecard. To find out more click here.


Morning Classes: 10h00 - 13h00

Brand South Africa: 10h00 - 13h00
Telling better South African stories
Speaker: To be announced shortly

South African creatives have delivered distinctive work that tells stories of the country in meaningful and memorable ways. In goosebump ways that swell nation pride, as the work not only reflects but celebrates the uniqueness of being South African. In humorous tones that share rather quirky home truths and ways of thinking. In home run ways that unlock innovative design solutions to substantial social challenges. Think The Street Store. Think brands such as Sanlam and its Cape Town water crisis Shower Songs. Think Nando's and its signature local-hot humour. In this interactive Brand South Africa MasterClass we need you to share your stories. As together, we identify inspiring stories that must be told, and explore ways to tell these better for greater good in the world. This MasterClass is the start of new proudly South African creative collaboration with the goal being to deliver work of which an entire nation is proud.

What’s more?

The Brand South Africa Loeries Masterclass conversation will be captured creatively by exciting local artists.

Target Audience:
Participation in this MasterClass is needed from Marketers to Agency Management and Strategists; from Junior and Mid Level Creatives through to Senior Creative Management. Brand South Africa would also like to extend this conversation to Production Companies; Account Managers; Media Agencies; and Media Owners.

More information on the other MasterClasses TBA.

Afternoon Classes: 14h00 - 17h00

Shared Value – A link between profit and purpose: 14h00 - 17h00

Speakers / Panel:
Abey Mokgwatsane, Managing Executive, Vodacom Brand & Communications: How technology can contribute towards changing lives
Tiekie Barnard, CEO and Founder, Shared Value Africa Initiative: The business case for Shared Value

More panellists to be announced.

Vodacom is in the business of connecting people for a better future. Technology gives us tremendous power, but, ultimately, what counts is what we do with it. We remain committed to responding to the needs of millions of people that can benefit from the capacity of technology to democratise access to the life-changing services of a connected future. We are supporting the Shared Value conversation that encourages corporates to create economic value and value for society. This MasterClass will not be about us dictating to others on what profit with purpose is – it will be a forum that will allow brand leaders in the corporate and creative spaces to share ideas on how we can collectively continue to use our business know-how and services to change our customers’ lives for a better future.

Target Audience (relevancy in order):
Senior creative management
Production companies
Agency management
Marketers and brand managers
Media agencies
Account managers
Media owners
Junior creatives
Mid-level creatives

More information on the other MasterClasses TBA.