2019 categories

DOWNLOAD THE FULL ENTRY GUIDE HERE - including all categories and preparation instructions

Please be sure to review all the categories to determine where to enter your work - check the category changes below as well as the "New in 2019" section.

The Loeries does not re-reward the same work, and does not allow essentially the same creative to be re-entered into multiple categories. Category rules have been simplified - You can download the Entry Guide above for a detailed list of categories and preparation guidelines.

Category changes in 2019:

  • "Communication Design" has been renamed "Design".  There have been significant category changes in the Design category,  now incorporating all areas of Design, including extensive retail and product design.
  • “Print and Out of Home Crafts” has been split into separate categories: Print Crafts (PRW) and Out of Home Crafts (OUW).
  • Newspaper Advertising, Magazine Advertising and Branded Content-Print have been merged into one category: Print Advertising (PR1A).
  • Tactical Use of Newspaper and Tactical Use of Magazine have been merged into “Tactical Use of Print” (PR1B).
  • South African Non-English Print and Film have been integrated into the main categories and will no longer be judged separately.
  • “Internet Video” has been renamed “Online Film”.
  • Film & Radio Crafts now include Use of Technology.
  • “Digital & Interactive Communication” has been renamed “Digital Communication”
  • The “YouTube Award” is a new category in Digital Communication.
  • Digital Integrated Campaigns must now be entered into “Integrated Campaign”.
  • “Ambient” has moved to Out Of home.

More on categories and Entry Guidelines

Category types

Why does the Loeries allow my work to be entered in only one main category? 
The principle behind this rule that a piece of work can only be entered into one main category is that the Loeries will award an idea only once. Therefore, the same creative execution cannot be awarded in Magazine and Poster and Newspaper. Even if you did run the same execution across all these mediums, you must choose only one category to enter it into. However, the exception to this is that you can re-enter single entries as a part of a campaign, in specialist categories and for multiple craft categories. 

Single Entry

The exact same creative execution cannot be entered into more than one Single Category.
The principle behind this is that the Loeries will only award the same creative idea once.

Example: Creative work entered into the Print Magazine category, cannot be re-entered into the Design Poster category if it is essentially the same entry.

Individual Element


Elements must be submitted individually.

Example: 3 x Posters in a campaign cannot be submitted as one entry, but must entered as 3 x individual entries.
If in the opinion of the jury, several pieces constitute a campaign, then these entries will be combined into one campaign award.


A minimum of three different media types are required from within the same main category.

Example 1: Digital & Interactive – Website, Social Media and Display Advertising
Example 2: Design – Logo, Package Design, Interior Design

Integrated Multimedia

A minimum of three different media types are required across three main categories with the exception of digital integrated campaign.
Digital Integrated Campaign must have a minimum of three different media types from Digital Communication main category.

Example 1: Poster (Print), Website (Digital) and Live Event.
Example 2: Social Media (Digital), Website (Digital), Mobile Media (Digital)

Multiple Category

Creative work that has been entered into other categories may be re-entered here.  

Example 1: A Tactical Use of Newspaper entry can be re-entered into Media Innovation.
Example 2: A Mobile Media entry can be re-entered into Digital Crafts.


Two or more elements of the same media type can be entered.

Example: A Branded Content Video Campaign comprised of three episodes in a series.

Previous Winner

Entries in the Effective Creativity Category must have previously won a Loerie award in the past two years – 2017 or 2018.