Advertising. Full of really, really important people.

This year, The South African National Blood Service (SANBS) is partnering with The Loeries to get as many advertising professionals as possible to donate blood, while educating them about the importance of donating in the first place. At the SANBS, we know that in advertising, there are some very important people. But in donation terms - every single one is equally useful in saving 3 lives.

So yes, we're afraid that interns are just as important as ECDs and CEOs.

Our campaign doesn't just poke a bit of fun at the 'important' people in advertising - it has the potential to be so successful that we fill our blood reserves - and help to save the lives of hundreds of people in need.

We've also partnered with Egg Films, who are showing ten newbies how important they are by giving them access to the annual Egg Films party on the beach front. Now, instead of pretending to be one of the important people on the guest list, they'll get to experience it for themselves.

Oh, and the next time you're thinking about how important you are, think about hosting a blood drive at your agency and call us on 0800 11 90 31 or email us on

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