New Entry System

Tips on using our new entry system

  1. View thumbnails of all your media uploads in your media library, making it easier to link the right file to the entry.
    Note that your library will have media from previous entries, and may include other awards that use the Loeries® Entry Management System.
  2. Link media from the library to your entry by ticking the top right box of the thumbnails, to add the files to your entry.
  3. Manage your media library; you can archive, tag, sort & delete files in your media library.
  4. Sort and arrange your media in the order you want the judges to view your entry, by using the “Move Up” and “Move Down” arrows.
  5. Indicate if you're sending physical material for categories where physical material is optional/ mandatory.
  6. For videos, you can specify if your upload is the 30sec edit.
  7. Preview and check your media before finalising your entry.
  8. View finalised entry, along with all the attached media files. No changes can be made to your entry details once your entry has been finalised.
  9. Edit credits and descriptions after your entry has been submitted.

IMPORTANT: From 2017, no live media can be entered including URLs. For example, websites or landing pages should be presented as an overview video or in jpegs. YouTube content and online video must be entered as a .MOV file. See preparation guidelines for detailed specifications.