Loeries Official Rankings 2017 

Download the 2018 Loeries Official Rankings here

The Loeries has released its seventh annual Official Rankings which provide a comprehensive overview of the annual performance across the brand communications industry throughout Africa and the Middle East based on the awards won at the 2018 Loeries Awards.

“The Official Rankings are calculated based on performance each year, and they provide a useful and independent measure of who’s doing what across our region,” says Loeries CEO Andrew Human.

This year, for the second year running, KFC is the top brand, having won 11 Loeries, including a Grand Prix. Flight Centre and Marble take second and third place respectively.

Mike Middleton, Chief Marketing Officer at KFC has emerged as the top brand representative, followed by Divan Viljoen of Flight Centre, Jacques Cronje of KFC, Gary Kyriacou of Marble, and Melanie Campbell of Absolut, in fifth place. Mike was also awarded the coveted Loeries Marketing Leadership & Innovation Award at the awards held in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal in August.

The top three Agencies of the Year are: Impact BBDO Dubai, Ogilvy Johannesburg, and Hunt Lascaris Johannesburg; and the top three Regional Agency Groups of the Year are: BBDO MEA, TBWA\, and Ogilvy EMEA.

The top three ranked agencies in South Africa are Ogilvy Johannesburg, Hunt Lascaris Johannesburg and Native VML. From the region excluding South Africa, the top three places all go to the United Arab Emirates: Impact BBDO Dubai ranks as the top agency, followed by Y&R Dubai and TBWA\RAAD. Other countries included in the regional agency rankings are Saudi Arabia, Kenya, Israel, Egypt, Namibia, Morocco, Lebanon, Tunisia, and Nigeria.

Impact BBDO has taken the top position in the large agency category, while Y&R Dubai has the highest ranking among medium-sized agencies, and Grid Worldwide Branding and Design leads the small agency table.

The top-ranked Chief Creative Officer for 2017 is Pete Case from Ogilvy Johannesburg, with Peter Khoury of Hunt Lascaris Johannesburg coming in at number two and Jason Xenopolous of Native VML in third place. Fadi Yaish of BBDO Dubai leads the Executive Creative Director table, followed by Mariana O’Kelly from Ogilvy Johannesburg, and Jenny Glover from Hunt Lascaris Johannesburg.

Vega School is the top education institution and The Open Window, AAA School of Advertising Cape Town, Stellenbosch Academy of Design & Photography and Red & Yellow School make up the top five in the category.

The Loeries Official Rankings provide an authoritative and independent indication of who’s who in the brand communications industry across Africa and the Middle East. The rankings are calculated on a methodology that allocates points to brands, agencies and individuals based on results from Loeries Creative Week.

How are rankings calculated?

While there can be many ways of analysing any competition, we have provided a thorough and fair process to accurately report on the results of the awards. The exact methodology that is used for the ranking is described here, and publication of the chosen procedures in advance of our entry deadline and judging ensures no bias in favour of any particular outcome.

  1. Brands get point: A credited brand gets full points, irrespective of the entering Agency. For example, if a Brand wins two awards with two separate agencies, the Brand gets full points from both awards

  2. Points are given for each award. 

  3. Points per award:
    300 points for Grand Prix;
    110 points for Gold; 40 points for Silver;
    15 points for Bronze;
    90 points for Craft Gold;
    30 points for Craft Certificate.

  4. Campaign entries get 1.5x points: All Campaign categories (Type B) will all be awarded 1,5 times the points.

  5. Combined campaign entries also get 1.5x points: Single entries (Type A) that are combined into one campaign award during judging will receive 1,5 times the points. For example, if three print posters are combined and awarded a Campaign Gold, then the award will be worth 1,5 x 110 = 165 points.

  6. For companies - points are divided if more than one name is provided for one credit: Where more than one company has been credited for any one credit, the points will be divided equally between the parties. For example, a Gold Winner receives 110 points. If two companies are listed under "Agency", each will receive 55 points. This is the same for other company fields, such as "Production Company".

  7. For individuals - full points are given for each name listed for one credit: Where more than one individual has been credited for any one credit, each individual will get full points. For example, a Gold Winner receives 110 points. If two Creative Directors are listed, each will receive 110 points, or if three people share the “Writer” credit, then each person will receive 110 points.

  8. For individual creative rankings: A person is only awarded points for the most senior creative position, even if their name is listed in multiple creative credits. For example, if someone is credited as Executive Creative Director and Creative Director, they will only receive points for Executive Creative Director.
  9. Agencies and production companies get full points: As long as there is one name per credit, then each credit gets full points. For example, if a TV Commercial wins Gold, the credited Agency gets full points and the credited Production Company gets full points, in their respective fields. If two agencies share one credit, then each agency get half the points (see Point 6).

  10. A Regional Agency Group table lists the top group networks across the region (Africa and the Middle East).

  11. A  company cannot recieve points as both an agency and as a production company. 

  12. Crafts: Production companies will receive points from International Craft entries, however, agencies will not receive any points. For example, if an illustrator from within our region does work for a London agency to be flighted in Europe, based on a brief and concept created in London, then the work is eligible for an Illustration craft award and craft points. But the London agency gets no points.

Please note: Our knowledge is only as good as the information we receive! Please remember that all rankings are calculated according to the information you provide on the entry forms.

Ranking information and methodology last updated 02 October 2017